Fish Hat: 1914

Fish Hat: 1914

Woman wearing a hat shaped like a fish. Might be an ethnic tradition. No other data with the photo. Perhaps someone can fill in the blanks. 1914 photo by Theodore C. Marceau. Old photographs provided by LOC. Original Medium: photographic print.

It just looks like a fish

It just looks like a fish, but it's not. The angle of the photographer is causing an illusion.

odd picture....

Her costume is ala Isadora Duncan period...but I must say...the tail of her "hat" does not look like it is an original part of the photo....looks photoshopped... or added during the actual period of photo....please forgive me, if I am wrong....

 [The fish hat is original to the photo as obtained from the Library of Congress. It is possible that it was added after the picture was taken. There is a type of photo postcard from the early 1900s called 'Exaggeration' where elements of the photo are added. Here is an example of one...Jiggsy]