Family Road Trip: 1861

Family Road Trip: 1861

Tent life of the 31st Pennsylvania Infantry (later, 82d Pennsylvania Infantry) at Queen's farm, vicinity of Fort Slocum, Washington, D.C., 1861. Historical photograph provided by LOC. Original Medium: glass negative stereograph - wet collodion. You can also see this photo and 5000+ others on our Civil War photography site,

12th (Robinson's) Cavalry, Co. K Ga. State Guards

Are there any pictures of Thomas C. Rees of this outfit or documentation. He is my great great grandfather from Muscogee County, Ga.

[Sorry to say there is no way for us to know. We post all of the information we have with the photo. Perhaps someone will see this and be able to answer your question. - Jiggsy]

Fantastic old Civil War photo!

I have never heard of women and children traveling with soldiers during the Civil War. I've seen lots of old pictures from the Civil War and I think this is the only one I've seen like this.