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  • Boscobel or Soldiers Grove?: 1939   8 years 6 weeks ago

    This isn't Boscobel. It is Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin.

    [Thanks for the correction Mike. We got the description of the photo from the Library of Congress. It was provided to them by the photographer John Vachon. Perhaps he spent some time in the Wonder Bar. - Jiggsy]

  • Boscobel or Soldiers Grove?: 1939   8 years 6 weeks ago

    that does not look like Boscobel to me. I grew up there and know a lot about the history. I think it is Soldier's Grove Wisconsin. Main street doesn't lead to a hill. There was no Wonder Bar in Boscobel but I think there was one in Soldiers Grove and this looks like their main street. I recognize the buildings that were torn down- My dad grew up there. Please e-mail me to let me know how this is Boscobel.

  • Nesjaja Hatali: 1904   8 years 10 weeks ago

    It's all matter of perspective.

  • Love, Palm Beach:1900   8 years 10 weeks ago

    rich or poor, it's nice to have money...........

  • Beach Babes: 1909   8 years 10 weeks ago

    Well i must say that these girls came close too breaking the camera,there isnt a smile to be seen on any of them,things look like they were very bleek,or was that just the look.

  • Nesjaja Hatali: 1904   8 years 10 weeks ago

    "Someone" should learn their left from their right !!!

  • Display Model: 1917   8 years 10 weeks ago

    My father, Mark B. Brann, taught himself to fly in a 1917 Curtiss model "F" flying boat in Long Island Sound, NY near the town of Rye.
    It was 1922 and he had recently returned home from the war in Europe as an infantryman. The hull was wood (Mahogany) and the engine was a "pusher" with the propeller at the rear of the engine, pushing rather than the more common pulling configuration. I believe that the ship still lies at the bottom of the sound after the second forced landing
    he made. Both times he was rescued by local fishermen.
    There was an article in the Mt. Vernon Daily Argus about the demise of the flying boat in 1924.

  • Catholic University Basketball Team: 1923   8 years 12 weeks ago

    I wonder if the Cavs could beat these guys cuz they sure couldnt beat the celtics!

  • Grand Central Crowd   8 years 16 weeks ago

    Looking at the detailed image, I don't see one person that is not wearing a hat.

  • Apple Jack High Ball: 1943   8 years 17 weeks ago

    The railroad term high-ball comes from a signal which consisted of a ball run up to the top of a pole, letting the engineer know that the track ahead was clear. Maybe that's what Roy is pretending to be. I'm not sure about the apple jack.

  • Civil War Sailors: 1860   8 years 21 weeks ago

    Name of the ship on their hats is in the Cyrillic alphabet. These are not "U.S. Sailors." Suggest you correct caption. RG

    [Thanks for pointing that out RG.  Our data is from LOC and this photo is part of their Civil War collection.  If anyone has additional data about the photo, we would appreciate your input. - Jiggsy]